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Wijnand (‘Wine’) Durk Langeraar is a Dutch national based in the Netherlands, with more than three decades of international professional experience in mapping and modeling using GIS and GPS, remote sensing, spatial analysis - serving a wide range of disciplines. Wine has worked in Africa, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Central Asia, Pacific Islands, and Europe. He is fluent in a good number of languages.

Key Qualification

Dedicated to delivering state-of-the-art mapping and modeling services using GIS, GPS, remote sensing and spatial analysis; providing geospatial expertise to a wide range of clients and disciplines, ranging from modeling of renewable energy scenarios, to land and land use policy and management, to 3D terrain modeling, to census mapping, to rapid appraisals and random sampling survey design and implementation, to health database development, to disaster management, to environmental and resource modeling, and providing training.

Personal Details

  • NameWijnand (“Wine”) Durk LANGERAAR
  • Date of Birth24 August 1948
  • NationalityNetherlands
  • AddressGroenlandse Kade 59 16, 3645BB Vinkeveen, Netherlands
  • Mobile+316 1748 4150
  • WhatsApp+62 361 286 443 (text only)
  • Skypewine.d.langeraar
  • LinkedinWine D Langeraar
  • FreelanceAvailable part-time


Mapping and Modeling
  • GIS & GPS

  • remote sensing

  • spatial analysis

Geospatial Expertise
  • Modeling of renewable energy scenarios

  • Land and land use policy and management

  • 3D terrain modeling

Census Mapping
  • Rapid appraisals and implementation

  • Health database development

  • Disaster management

Environmental and Resource Modeling
  • providing training

  • Random sampling

  • Survey design

Professional Profile


Wijnand Durk Langeraar (‘Wine’) specializes in mapping and modeling with GIS, GPS, remote sensing, and spatial analysis, and is dedicated to implementing this to a wide range of clients and disciplines ranging from urban planning and mapping, to land cover and infrastructure satellite image interpretation and mapping, to modeling of renewable energy scenarios, to land and land use policy and management, to 3D terrain modeling, to GPS-GIS integration, to census mapping and management, to health database development, to disaster management, to environmental and resource modeling, and more.

Recently, Wine has developed a methodology to quantify detailed precipitation during the last 20 years for areas anywhere in the world. Annual, monthly, daily, down to half-hourly rainfall episodes are assessed with a ground resolution of one-tenth of a degree. He is doing this by accessing data derived from NASA’s remarkable Global Precipitation Measurement (GPM) mission. GPM produces worldwide precipitation assessments. By combining maximum rainfall with catchment areas, potential maximum stream flow events can be calculated for road crossings, necessary for robust culvert and bridge designs.

As census mapping manager in Timor-Leste he pioneered and implemented a technique of putting all of the country’s households on the map with GPS during the 2004 Population and Household Census, and subsequently linking the census database with the household locations. This turned out to be a triumph, and a first world-wide (he was interviewed by CNN as a result). It provided the Government with powerful tools for development. Patterns emerge otherwise never noticed, and correlations and causalities become apparent and can be acted upon with surgical precision, thus saving the Government time and lots of money. A number of countries in Africa, Middle East, South East Asia and Pacific have subsequently asked Wine to implement his GPS for Census technique.

He is interested in designing and conducting random sampling surveys applying GIS, satellite remote sensing, and GPS techniques. This bundle of technologies can be utilized not only for rapid appraisals (Forestry, land use etc) but also for sample surveys that must be independent, such as census post-enumeration surveys to quantify omissions and erroneous enumerations, and Living Standards Measurement Studies (LSMS). End 2013 Wine, with Juan Muñoz of Sistemas Integrales in Chile, formulated a revolutionary GIS-based random sampling method for household surveys which is census-independent and politically neutral. This study was sponsored by The World Bank.

Key Skills & Expertise

  • GIS
  • Remote Sensing
  • Spatial Analysis
  • GPS
  • Arc GIS
  • Cartography
  • Surveying
  • Environmental Impact Assessment

Wine's Techniques

Early 2013, Wine developed a novel technique of putting together downloaded Google Earth imagery into seamless and precision geo-referenced mosaics that can be used in a GIS straight away. High-resolution imagery is expensive, and this technique provides a low-cost and very effective alternative.

In 2010 Wine developed a spectacular moving map display technique in the course of a TA project for the Asian Development Bank related to renewable energy in Central Asian countries. These 4-D animated maps show the spatial extent evolution of Net Present Value scenarios for solar and wind power plants with varying electricity tariffs. An enormous amount of information is compressed in these moving map displays. The information is allowing the Bank to make exceedingly informed decisions on exactly where to invest in renewable energy power plants.

In early 2019 Wine has advised the rehabilitation of the Highlands Highway in Papua New Guinea. He analysed catchments upstream of points where highway crosses streams and rivers, and performed average monthly stream flow calculations, and produced maps of population density and distribution, yr 2022 population prognosis, elevation, slope, land cover/land use, earth sciences, and generated other spatial information relevant to road design and rehabilitation..

Apart from the technical aspects of his work, Wine has also provided ample strategic advice to a number of countries. In East Timor and Myanmar he formulated a national spatial data infrastructure. In Mongolia, Iraqi Kurdistan, East Timor, Fiji among other, he formulated strategies for line agencies on how to meaningfully incorporate ICT in their work process. Recently, while working at ADB HQ in Manila he made suggestions on how ADB could integrate ICT and other technologies in its operations and for the development of its client member countries.

At present Wine is involved as geospatial data leader in a project dealing with reducing deforestation through improved spatial planning in the two Papua provinces of Indonesia.

Wine has almost four decades of professional experience in SE Asia, Middle East, Pacific, Central Asia, Europe, and Africa. He is fluent in a good number of languages.


Employment Record

September 2019 -present
Geospatial Data Leader

LAND EQUITY INTERNATIONAL Suite 12, 74 Kembla St WOLLONGONG NSW 2500 PO Box 798 WOLLONGONG NSW 2520 Australia (Client: DFID / UK Government - Papua provinces Indonesia)

March - April 2019
GIS Specialist

RENARDET S.A., rue Rothschild No. 50, Genève, Switzerland. (Client: Department of Works, Goroka, Papua New Guinea. ADB LOAN 3547, 3548, AND GRANT 0538-PNG - Sustainable Highlands Highway Investment Program)

Papua New Guinea
August 2018 - 3 November 2018
Initiative-taker for emergency Lombok earthquake relief action

EMPLOYER: Self-employed - Volunteer services

January 2016 - April 2018
Manager geo-spatial databases

LAND EQUITY INTERNATIONAL Suite 12, 74 Kembla St WOLLONGONG NSW 2500 PO Box 798 WOLLONGONG NSW 2520 Australia (client: USA Millennium Challenge Account – Indonesia, Jalan Menteng Raya kav. 21, Jakarta Pusat)

October 2015 - Feb 2017 (intermittent)
GIS Advisor

EMPLOYER: Oxford Policy Management Limited, 6 St Aldates Courtyard, 38 St Aldates, Oxford, OX1 1 BN ("OPM"), UK. (Client: National Bureau of Statistics, Indonesia/World Bank)

July 2015 - 31 Dec 2015 (intermittent)
International GIS Specialist

EMPLOYER: Asian Development Bank, Manila, Philippines. (Client: Urban Development and Water Division, CWRD - Central and West Asia Department). Based in Lahore, Pakistan, and work from home

November 2014 - June 2015
GIS and Image Interpretation Specialist

EMPLOYER: URS AUSTRALIA PTY LTD registered office 4/407 Pacific Highway, Artarmon, Australia 2064 (“URS”). (Client: SIMFER S.A. Address: Immeuble Bellevue, Boulevard de Bellevue DI 536 BP 848 Conakry, Republic of Guinea – RIO TINTO SIMANDOU PROJECT- Plan d’Action de Réinstallation et de Compensation). Worked mainly from home

Republic of Guinea
July 2014 - June 2015
International GIS Expert

EMPLOYER: Asian Development Bank, Manila, Philippines. (Client: ADB Natural Resources & Agriculture Division, Central and West Asia Department). Works from home and at ADB HQ Manila

Central and West Asia
May 2014 - July 2014
Senior GIS Specialist

EMPLOYER: Experience International, Inc. 239/2 Lumpini 1 Building, Suite 42, 4th Floor, Sarasin Road, Lumpini, Pathumwan. Bangkok 10330, Thailand. (Client: Government of Iraq – USAID)

October 2013 - March 2014
GIS-based Sampling Specialist

EMPLOYER: Sistemas Integrales José Miguel de la Barra 412 - Casilla 13168 - Santiago, Chile
POSITON & DUTIES: Research and Development - Preparing GIS-based sampling frame for probability proportional to population sample drawing, Preparing all GIS data for mapping of sampling units, Writing technical note

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M.Sc. Degree cum laude in Geology

Major subjects: (1) Sedimentology (Thesis: Palaeo-environment of an Eocene Sedimentary Basin, Pyrenees, Spain), (2) Mining Politics and Mining Law (Thesis: The Oil Politics of Libya)

Universities of Utrecht, Delft and Leiden, The Netherlands
B.Sc. in Geology


University of Groningen, The Netherlands, 1973

Other Training

Jan 2013
Python scripting for ArcGIS

Online course Python scripting for ArcGIS for Desktop ver. 10

Online course
March 2010
Web-enabled GIS

Web-enabled GIS (GeoSamba) training, NGIS

Perth WA, Australia
May 2006
Advanced ESRI ArcGIS

Advanced ESRI ArcGIS training, NGIS

Perth WA, Australia
Project Management

Project Management course, MDF

MDF, Ede, The Netherlands
Arabic speaking and writing

Arabic speaking and writing, at FAO, Rome

FAO, Rome
Aerial Photo Interpretation Applied to Soil Survey

Aerial Photo Interpretation Applied to Soil Survey (with emphasis on remote sensing), International Institute for Aerospace Survey and Earth Sciences (ITC)

(ITC), Enschede, The Netherlands


A census-independent sampling strategy for a household survey in Myanmar

In the last months of 2013, Juan Muñoz of Sistemas Integrales in Chile, and I have jointly formulated a novel and very effective technique for random household sampling based for a major part on LandScan population data. Here is the link to LandScan:

The study has been possible thanks to financial assistance from the Development Research Group of The World Bank.

Why did Juan and I feel that a new sampling method was urgently needed? The old way of random sampling is critically dependent on reliable and accessible census databases and census cartography. National statistical agencies are the sole source of such data in many countries, which can make the data hard to get hold of. Even when available, census databases are often unreliable and almost always outdated.

In the report we propose an alternative strategy, intended to delivering a sample of households with well-defined probabilities, on the basis of Geographic Information System (GIS) techniques, Global Positioning System (GPS) technology, high-resolution satellite imagery (Google Earth Pro), and additional information sources other than censuses, in particular the LandScan population database. This method of sampling is politically neutral

The developed technique was formulated using Myanmar LandScan population data, but the technique can be employed anywhere, as an independent low-cost, swift and very accurate household sampling strategy: an eminently suitable alternative way to draw a sample if census results are not available in time.

The reason the technique was developed for Myanmar was because there was an initial plan to implement it there early 2014. This has now been postponed until later this year.

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